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Researching serious organised crime with Nilda Garcia


Technology, innovation, and intelligence for future warfare

Tyler podcast

Lessons in Intelligence with Sir David Omand

Podcast-Thumbnails-v2-David Omand

Researching China's expeditionary capabilities


Innovation in intelligence

Podcast-Thumbnails- Davey Gibian

Behind the Enigma with John Ferris

John Ferris

Financial Intelligence (FININT) with Robert Maxwell

Robert Maxwell

Researching Saudi Arabia with David Rundell


Analysing the Beirut port explosion with Nick Waters of Bellingcat

Nick Waters - Podcast-Thumbnails

Chinese camps where Uighur Muslims are being interned with Alison Killing

Podcast- Alison Killing Thumbnail

OSINT, disinformation, and ethics with Evanna Hu

Podcast-Thumbnail- Evanna

Janes Intelligence Unit round-table: What's new in the OSINT world?

Colm - 4 August

Detecting disinformation with John Gray

John Gray - podcast image

Disinformation and national security with Cindy Otis

Cindy 24 July final

The impact of misinformation and disinformation with Samantha North

Samantha North - podcast

The changing information environment with Judy King

Judy King

Structured analysis techniques and OSINT with Dr. Martha Whitesmith

Threat intelligence thumbnail - Martha

The changing strategic threat picture with Dr. David Kilcullen

David Kilcullen, Terry Pattar

OSINT and managing mental health with Peter King

Mental health - Thumbnail

Importance of OSINT to government decision making

Harry podcast

A conversation with Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins

youtube background - intelligence master

The age of information sharing with Micah Hoffman

youtube background - intelligence master

Cyber Security monitoring with Robert Pritchard

youtube background - intelligence master

Open source investigations with Benjamin Strick

youtube background - intelligence master

The decentralised web with Lorand Bodo

youtube background - intelligence master
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Podcast Browse and listen to previous episodes brought to you by the Janes Intelligence Unit and guests.